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Principal Message 05/29/2020

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As time flies, it will be our last school day of this 2019~2020 school year. School wants to express our sincere thanks to all teachers, board members, school staff for your hard work and unselfish help to school, and also thank all class representatives and parents for your support and cooperation. And of course, every student’s hard work in learning Chinese and Chinese culture indeed gives parents the greatest reward and momentum.


We also would like to congratulate those sixteen students who graduate or complete the CSL curriculum this year. After many years of persistence and endurance, you have completed one important stage of your life. Hope the experience you gathered during this Chinese learning journey will benefit you a lot in your future life.


Besides, school will keep watch on the status of Shelter-in-Place then decide the exact dates of future placement tests and time to move class back to Lynbrook High. Updates will be posted on the school website.


Last, we wish all of you a happy summer time and everyone stays healthy, we will see you again next school year !