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Principal Message 05/15/2020

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Due to class cancelled on 3/13 (for schooling doing online teaching training), school had asked teachers if they would like to have make-up class on 4/17. There were three classes having makeup class on that day. Since school year is going to end soon and we have another school off-day on 5/22, school is currently asking teachers again if they prefer to have one or two-hour make-up class on 5/22. Please watch for your teacher’s notice if make-up class is arranged.

Per the original school schedule, 5/15 is the final-exam day, if your class will have make-up class on 5/22, the teacher may move the final-exam day to 5/22 instead.

Besides, 5/29 will still be our last school day of this school year, the graduation class will have a special online graduation ceremony. For all other classes since you cannot do onsite potluck, in addition to distributing report cards and awards, teachers and parents can discuss and use creative ideas to do any form of “online happy hours” you would like to. Furthermore, The class time is not necessary to be up to two-hour and the teacher can decide to complete the class earlier.