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Board meeting will be held on the second Friday of the month, 7:15pm at room 101. Open to all parents.

President's message 02/14/2020

Today is Valentine's Day, I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Due to the uncertainty of the infectivity of the new coronavirus, the school has decided to postpone 2/14 Health, 3/13 Education and 3/27 Financial seminars to the next school year. We apologize for any inconvenience.

School continues to offer the office (Classroom 101) and Classroom 504 for parents to rest and wait. At the same time, parents are welcome to approach all­­­ staff in the office for questions.

President Message Feb 7th 2020

The Bay Area has been shrouded in the shadow of the novel coronavirus and flu in recent weeks, making parents very worried about whether their children will be infected in public. We, at Silicon Valley Chinese School, is also very much alarmed and pays close attention to the latest development and updates from public health authorities. Currently, we are working closely with the Cupertino school district to determine when the class will be suspended should there is a need. In the meantime, we encourage parents to re-emphasize the importance of good hygiene, especially to wash their hands frequently. Should there is any symptom of illness, please be sure to stay home and have good rest for their speedy recovery.

By the way, we had shared the parent survey result with staff and teachers. Thank you for your valuable comments. We will work closely with our teachers to address any concerns and suggestions. Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free contact our principal or any of our board members

President Message 01/31/2020


Happy New Year! This year is the Year of the Golden Rat, and the first of the zodiac signs. Wish everyone a great Year of Rat!


President's message 1/17/2020

This week is the beginning of a new semester. In this new semester, the school will continue to hold a series of seminars for parents, as well as children's New Year celebration. We are looking forward to everyone's participation. In addition, the parents' survey has just closed. This year, nearly half of the parents gave valuable advice to the school, and three classes (5-2, 7-1 and 7-3) reached to 100% participation. The school will give rewards to these classes. All feedback you give will be reviewed with all teachers and staff and school will use them to improve our education quality. Next Friday is the Lunar New Year Eve and I would wish everyone have a good year of Rat.

President's Message 1/10/2020


Happy New Year and welcome back to school. This week is the last week of the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year and the last week for the Parent Survey. I hope parents who haven’t filled it can take a few minutes to let the school know your thoughts. Your feedback is very important for us and these will help the school as indicators for the next semester even future improvements. Thank you.


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2019 年北加州中文學校聯合會學術比賽得獎名單

國語演講 侯馨香第三名

國語即席演講 林子申第一名

國語即席演講 於道言第三名

國語朗讀A 劉蘭馨第二名

國語朗讀B 徐安麗第二名

國語朗讀C 鄒少典第一名

毛筆書法A 馬小龍佳作


鉛筆書法C 張廷愷第二名

鉛筆書法D 陳穎珊第一名

國畫A 胡竣傑第一名


漢語拼音B 呂讓遙第一名

漢語拼音CD 林芷葶第一名

注音拼音B 陳善佑第一名

注音拼音C 劉宇昂第一名

注音拼音D 劉怡均第三名

讀測驗D 王耀霆第一名

CFL-CSL D Ngo Emma 第二名

作文CD 楊捷名第三名