Messages from Board 08/28/2020

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Welcome all families to the School Year 2020-2021!

SVCS has been operated by volunteers for last 46 years. The Board Members for this year are the following parents:

Elaine Hu          [Chairman]

Derek Wu          [Secretary & School Assets]

Connie Chiang  [Finance]

Andy Chern       [Facility Rental/Parent Survey]

Paul Sun           [Seminars/Community Outreach/Marketing]

Ronald Law       [Insurance/Regulation]


The board is the voice of the parents. We will continue with our roles of monitoring and assisting the School Administration, along with planning and voting on School's major decisions. During this era of pandemic and crisis, communication is paramount. Our focus for this year will be to strengthen the school's communication channels with our parents and promote our school to more families in our community.

Do you have any good ideas to share? Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.