President Message 05/29/2020

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Time flies, 2019-2020 school year is coming to an end.
Under the leadership of Principal Derek Chen, Vice Principals Sabrina Wu and Jim Chang, we once again successfully sailed through this forty-sixth year of Silicon Valley Chinese school. I sincerely thank our board team Ms. Elaine Hu, Ms. Alice Lin, Ms. Grace Wen, Mr. Jinsoo Li, Mr. Andy Chern and Mr. Ronald Mg for their support and coordination. All parent volunteers have contributed their time and energy to create this excellent learning environment for our children. Thank you all for your efforts throughout the past year. Your relentless efforts marked clear footsteps that provide guidance for future Silicon Valley Chinese students to follow.
2020 is plagued with arguably the most severe pandemic in human history. Beginning of March, our board team set up a crisis management team and rapidly prepared the potential transition to online courses the first time in our school history. On March 17th, after Santa Clara County announced the suspension of classes, we immediately began our online classes through virtual classrooms. Over the past nine weeks closure of Lynbrook High campus, we have completed the school year without compromising any planned education including supplemental courses, such as singing, animation, and history culture classes. Thanks to all the volunteers working behind the scenes. Special shout out to all board members, staffs, and particularly our IT teams led by Danny Hsiao. They spent hours working with teachers to roll out our first-time online education and standby on all classes each Friday’s online sessions. Without their tireless effort, our school will not be able to continue without interruption. Special thanks to all our dedicated teachers as well. They spent unimaginable time and efforts to prepare these online learning, and we cannot thank them enough. In addition, I would like to thank class rep and vice rep for their efforts to build a communication bridge between teachers, school, and parents. Certainly, the supports and assistances from all you parents are the key to our success in completing this school year with a job well done period.
Due to this pandemic and campus closure, we were forced to adapt to a different learning environment. On the other hand, we were able to explore different ways of learning and communication. Hopefully, after this unprecedented event, a new path may open to all of us in its own way.
Finally, I would like to congratulate all students for their completion of this year's Chinese courses.  I hope you have enjoyed learning the language and wish you to make even greater advance in the years to come.