President Message 05/01/2020

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Parental school management has always been a solid foundation for Silicon Valley Chinese School that passed on for generations. Parents came with different expertise have devoted their times and talents that created this extradentary learning environment for our children. Keeping this tradition with the goal to better serve students and their families, we are asking parents to show your support by stepping up to join the school wide volunteer teams.
Due to this year’s pandemic situation, the board election will need to undergo a bit of change. The deadline for candidate nominations will be 5/10, and the ballot will be mailed out in the third week of May. Please mail back your vote before 5/29 and the school will announce 7 new 2020-2021 board members in the first week of June.
By the way, there are four board directors resigning from their positions next school year. They are either reaching 2-year term limit or graduating from our school. We are grateful to their dedicated support to school, in the meantime, we look forward to the new blood joining our board of directors. All SVCS parents are more than welcomed to join. Pease feel free to contact the school (
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