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Bulletin Board 2018-09-14

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Presents: A College Admissions Seminar
College Prep 
"How to Write a Standout College Essayā€¯

Time: 9/21/18, Friday, 7:15 pm to 8:45 pm
Venue: Silicon Valley Chinese School
Lynbrook High School, #701/cafeteria
1280 Johnson Ave, San Jose, CA 95129
Guest Speaker: Robert Thompson
Flex Associate Level Counselor
Santa Clara University, Bachelor Degree
Santa Clara University, Master Degree
According to the US News and the World Report,
Princeton university preceded all the other colleges in
2017 and Harvard came right after. University of Chicago
took the third in the rankings. UC Berkeley and UCLA tied
in 21. UC Santa Barbara soared to number 37. UC San
Diego and Irvine tied in 42, and UC Davis dropped to 46.
College admissions results were released. Getting in to
certain UC's and top tier schools is becoming even more
competitive. In addition to having a high GPA and near
perfect SAT or ACT scores, the essay is just as important
in setting your student apart from all others applying for
these highly competitive schools.
In order to provide better insight and understanding of how
to write an outstanding college admission essay, Flex
College Prep will present the college admission seminar
related to this topic on 9/21/18, Friday at Silicon Valley
Chinese School.
We welcome you to join our seminar! Seats are limited