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Public Relation 20180302

Language Study Program for Overseas Youth
1. Objective
To provide an educational program for Compatriot youth that improves their competency in spoken and written
Chinese language, enhances their knowledge of Chinese and Taiwanese cultures, and deepens their understanding
of the establishment and development of Taiwan, the Republic of China.
2. Classroom schedules
During the 3-week, 4-week or 6-week study program, Chinese language courses are arranged from Monday to
Friday, as well as Taiwanese language and culture studies. In the evenings, each student may select to spend the
time in leisure activities, internet courses or self-study. Art activities and cultural tours are arranged on Saturdays
and Sundays.
Tuition fee: the total fee for each student is NT$30,000 per term (3 weeks), NT$37,000 per term (4 weeks) and
NT$48,000 per term (6 weeks). The fee is shared between the student and the OCAC as follows:
   • The student will pay NT$15,000 per term (3 weeks), NT$18,500 per term (4 weeks) and
     NT$24,000 per term (6 weeks), which covers meals, accommodations and insurance.
   • The OCAC will pay NT$15,000per term (3 weeks), NT$18,500 per term (4 weeks) and
     NT$24,000 per term (6 weeks) for each student, which covers teachers’ salary, textbooks,
     handouts, trips and excursions, as well as administrative and accommodation/catering fee.


Application |  2018 Admission Guidelines 

Public Relation 20180202

Northern California 9th Annual Chinese Spring Celebrations

Date: 02/11 (Sunday) 1:30 PM 

Place: 100 S. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas,CA 95035

The event invites Bay Area calligraphy teachers to write couplets for the public, and a master of Hollow Words to perform on the spot. In addition, there are more than a dozen cultural booths for children to make DIY including red lanterns, three-dimensional spring paper-cut paper, paper flying dragonfly in Taiwan, Lucky red dragonfly, pinch noodles, modeling balloon, Chinese knot and tea ceremony, etc. Welcome to bring together the old and new year to celebrate New Year ~


Public Relation 20180118

Overseas Youth Volunteer Program - WCEO

Connexpedition is a program initiated by WCEO to give Chinese-American young adults an

opportunity of service learning combined with leadership growth and cultural exchange. This
summer, 6/28/2018-7/14/2018, we will be hosting the Easy Leap Program in New Taipei City,
Taiwan, and seeking approximately 50 high school students from around the Bay Area to join us.
If you are interested in service and volunteering, have an enthusiasm for education, and have
intermediate Chinese listening and speaking skills, consider joining us!
Through this program, volunteers are not only able to train their leadership skills, but also expand
their international horizons through cross-cultural experiences. After the service, Wisdom will
assist all students in applying for the prestigious President's Volunteer Service Award. For more
detailed information, please refer to www.connexpedition.com, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
or call 510-252-9226. Program expenses are only $450; however, airfare must be covered by the

(Application deadline):February 5, 2018

Public Relation 20180112

A NCCS: Chinese New Year -Dog Year Poster Contest

The Association of Northern California Chinese Schools (ANCCS) sponsors this Chinese New Year Poster Contest to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New. The lunar new year theme and the hands-on activity are a good way to carry forward this traditional festivity. Participants are encouraged to integrate every shred of knowledge they have acquired of this festive event of the Chinese new year, whether it be teachings from their teachers or parents, sounds and sense from movies, video clips, or whatever seen or heard and express these on the posters they design.

It is our hope that through the participation of this activity, our students will know more about and identify more with the Chinese culture. Not only will they learn more about Chinese lunar new year, but also they can apply and develop their interest and skills in arts and crafts as well as design.

$1·         The contest is open to all students who is not older than 18 years old. 

$1·         Now to 1/27/2018 

$1·         Enrollment WebsitePoster Contest Registration

$1·         For SVCS Students, please come to the office for requesting the poster paper.

1st Place: Gift Card $100 + Recognition Certificate

2nd Place: Gift Card $75 + Recognition Certificate

3rd Place: Gift Card $50 + Recognition Certificate

Awards of Excellence: Gift Card $10 + Recognition Certificate

Questions contact
Ya-tze Chen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Madeleine KeThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Public Relation 11172017

Demystifying College Financial Aid

Guest Speaker:

Jian Wang is a financial professional specialized in college financial aid and non-529 college fund. He has been conducting seminars about applying for financial aid (FAFSA) for local and immigrants Bay Area families. His son went to Harvard University with a full-ride scholarship.

What is the myth aboutcollege financial aid? Are529 plans the best strategy to fund college education? What is Coverdell? What is UTMA? What is UGMA? Do these accounts have any impact on the application for college financial aid? Any other options?How to report parent's income and assets in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? Is it a good idea to use a retirement fund (such as IRA)to pay for college?

85% of U.S. students need financial aid for their college education. To fill out the FAFSA application, parentsare required to report theirincome and “countable assets”. In addition, the amount of financial aid is the result of calculating expected family contribution (EFC). To receive more financial aid, is there a way to reduce the EFC? Public colleges accept the FAFSA form. Moreover, private schools ask applicants to submit their CSS/Financial Aid Profile.

Getting intoa college and receivingfinancial aid is every family’s dream. Jian Wang will be“Demystifying College Financial Aid” for you.This seminar is held from7:15pm to 8:15pm Friday December 8, 2017. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

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2019 年北加州中文學校聯合會學術比賽得獎名單

國語演講 侯馨香第三名

國語即席演講 林子申第一名

國語即席演講 於道言第三名

國語朗讀A 劉蘭馨第二名

國語朗讀B 徐安麗第二名

國語朗讀C 鄒少典第一名

毛筆書法A 馬小龍佳作


鉛筆書法C 張廷愷第二名

鉛筆書法D 陳穎珊第一名

國畫A 胡竣傑第一名


漢語拼音B 呂讓遙第一名

漢語拼音CD 林芷葶第一名

注音拼音B 陳善佑第一名

注音拼音C 劉宇昂第一名

注音拼音D 劉怡均第三名

讀測驗D 王耀霆第一名

CFL-CSL D Ngo Emma 第二名

作文CD 楊捷名第三名