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Public Relation 12/11/2015

2016ChineseNew YearPoster ContestMonkey Year

TheAssociationofNorthernCaliforniaChineseSchools(ANCCS)herebysponsorsthis hinese NewYearPosterContesttocelebratetheChineseLunarNewYear.Observingand experiencingthelunar newyearthroughahands-onactivityisagoodwaytocarryforward histraditionalfestivity.Participantsareencouraged tointegrateeveryshredofknowledge aboutthelunarnewyear,whetheritbelearningfromtheirteachers, parents,movies, literaturesandmagazines,oranyotherresources,andexpresstheseonthepostersthey design.Itisourhopethatthroughtheparticipation ofthisactivity,ourstudentswillknow more about and identify more with the Chinese lunar new year and culture, and furthermore,applyanddeveloptheirinterestandskillsinarts anddesign.

Application guidelines 

A)RegistrationDeadline2016/1/12;PosterTurnInDeadline:2016/1/15(Lateentries willnotbe accepted)

B)RegistrationFee(payabletoANCCS):$5perposteror $50per 12postersformember schools;$10perposterfornon-memberschoolorpastthe registrationdeadline.



2.Paytheregisterfee, receivetheredcardboardandturninyourworksatoneof the

locations listed.






100 SouthMilpitasBlvd., Milpitas,CA 95035



10265 S.DeAnza





47872 Warm

SpringsBl., Fremont

CA94539 (510)623-8883


8701 BuntingCourt Orangevale,CA95662 (916)642-9788




E)TheAwardCeremonywillbe heldonSunday1/31/2016intheafternoonat Culture






Prizesforwinnersincludecash(oritsequivalentvaluein giftcardor gift)andacertificate. AllwinningentrieswillbepublishedonthewebsiteofAssociationof NorthernCalifornia ChineseSchoolsandnewspapermedia.



B)SecondPlaceof eachgroupwillbeawarded$80(cashorgiftcard)andacertificate. C)ThirdPlaceofeachgroupwillbeawarded$60(cashorgiftcard)andacertificate. D)HonorableMentionswillbeawarded$10(cashorgiftcard)oragiftinequalvalue


Thingsto knowbeforsubmission of entries


1.PleaseaffixthisRegistrationFormwithcompletedinformationto thebackofyourposter




2.Displayof WinningEntries:ANCCSreservestherighttodisplayall winningentries.


Notificationforretrievingwinningentrieswillbesentout byMarch13,2016.




Non-winningentriescanberetrievedbyownersontheawardceremonyday.Ifyou don’tretrieveit ontheceremonydate,ANCCSwillkeepittillMarch13,2016. Afterwards,theywillbedeemedabandonedbytheirownersandwillbediscarded.



Public Relation 2015/11/06

TACL lyf - College Workshop: Admissions

Learn about the college admissions process,
the college experience, advice and tips on
finding your career path, and how to navigate
your way through college.

Sat. Nov. 7, 2:30–5p @ TECO Culture Center

100 S. Milpitas Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035


* Cin-Yee Shih, Keynote
Instructor and the Director of MIT
Learning Center’s SAT, English, and college application services programs

* Ho Ch ie Tsai, Keynote
Founder of Taiwanese American.org,
Youth Inspirational Speaker 

* College Student Panel

Free Event 

Donations welcome and much appreciated!

RSVP online at https://goo.gl/vHCPhY

Visit lyf.tacl.org

Public Relation 2015/09/04

5th/6th/7th/8th  Grader Basketball Practice - Spots available】

Who: Age range of 5th/6th/7th/8th  graders

When: 5:30-7:00pm, Most Sundays, September 2015 - June 2016 (10 months)

Where: Indoor gym at Peterson Middle School in Sunnyvale

Contact: Jinsoo Lee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Publish Relation 20150515

2015 Intensive Chinese Language Program of TKU (Summer)




This is Cindy from Tamkang University Chinese Language Center. We have students come from Asia, Africa, Europe and America, our teacher are native speakers of standard Mandarin. To fulfill different learning needs, we offer you Intensive Chinese Language Program(ICLP). ICLP program is held at Tamsui campus, except 2-week session held at Taipei campus. There are 2 sessions per year: one in spring and the other one in summer. Designed for participants aged from 14 to 30, this program allows participants to improve their Chinese and learn more about Chinese culture and life in Taiwan during intensive class.


Spend 2 to 6 weeks in the splendid Tamkang University starting with a professional placement test to assign you to the most suitable class. Lectures are held in small classes to ensure teaching quality. Teachers are native speakers of standard Mandarin, teaching Pin-Yin and traditional character in the class. With room and food provided, this short period of studying abroad includes 20 hours of Chinese language course, 2-4 culture classes a week, and a once-a-week field trip in Taipei city every Wednesday with the guidance of the experienced counselors. For the six week program, a graduation trip, 3 days 2 nights, included down to the central and southern part of Taiwan to enjoy the rural culture of Taiwan. Providing with well-trained college counselors, the assistants for 24/7 support and neighbors in the dorm, this program gives overseas students the best experience while learning Chinese. Choices of two weeks, three weeks and six weeks, our enthusiastic teaching assistants and professional Chinese teacher spare no effort in teaching every student full-hearted.


Please check 2015 program for  http://chinesecenter.weebly.com/latest-news.html


Learning Chinese in Taiwan! Tamkang University (TKU ProgramsICLP Programs)


Facebook: Learning Chinese in TKU, TAIWAN 在淡江學華語


Plus, there is a video about learning Chinese in Taiwan “Taiwan Study Overture, make your own Movement


Hope we can meet up this year!


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.


Learning Chinese in Taiwan! Tamkang University (淡江華語班→華語密集研習班(春夏)ICLP )


2015 Learning Chinese 活動簡章:http://chinesecenter.weebly.com/latest-news.html


 FacebookLearning Chinese in TKU, TAIWAN 在淡江學華語



Cindy Lin
Extension Education Center
Chinese Language Center
Division of Continuing Education, Tamkang University

TEL:+886-2-23216320 ext.8836  FAX:+886-2-23214036
5, Lane 199, Kinghua Street, Taipei 10650, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Learning Chinese in TKU:




Public Relation 01/30/2015

2015 The Little Master-Mandarin Summer Camp


The Extension School of Continuing Education (SCE) of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) has been promoting Mandarin Chinese learning activities for decades. Apart from holding OCAC Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth, SCE holds Mandarin Chinese teachers workshops for many times. In order to encourage overseas Chinese students and international students come to Taiwan to learn Chinese and experience the culture of Taiwan, SCE especially planning to hold the Mandarin Summer Camp in 2014. The summer camp programs are designed to meet the needs of young learners. Let children learn and explore their world through Mandarin!!

2015 Duration

Session 1June 22 ~ July 10, 2015
Session 2
July 13 ~ July 31, 2015
Session 3
July 27~ August 14, 2015

Program Time

Mon.~Fri09:00-16:00 (each session is 3 weeks)


National Taiwan Normal University
Extension School of Continuing Education

Student Eligibility

Students between 6~9 years old, interested in Mandarin Chinese
Students over 15 years old please refer to our study tour program Amazing Formosa—2015 Study Tour @ Taiwan Study Tour @ Taiwan

$1·         Tuition

NT40,000 (Need to pay extra NT1,000 for registration fee)

Application Period

The online registration system will be available from this date.

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2019 年北加州中文學校聯合會學術比賽得獎名單

國語演講 侯馨香第三名

國語即席演講 林子申第一名

國語即席演講 於道言第三名

國語朗讀A 劉蘭馨第二名

國語朗讀B 徐安麗第二名

國語朗讀C 鄒少典第一名

毛筆書法A 馬小龍佳作


鉛筆書法C 張廷愷第二名

鉛筆書法D 陳穎珊第一名

國畫A 胡竣傑第一名


漢語拼音B 呂讓遙第一名

漢語拼音CD 林芷葶第一名

注音拼音B 陳善佑第一名

注音拼音C 劉宇昂第一名

注音拼音D 劉怡均第三名

讀測驗D 王耀霆第一名

CFL-CSL D Ngo Emma 第二名

作文CD 楊捷名第三名