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Principal's Office

Message from Principal 01/11/2019

Dear SVCS Families,

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school, I believe you all enjoyed
a wonderful holiday season with friends and families. This week is
the 16th also the last session for first semester. I know many classes
had the final exams before holiday, but some of you will have the chance
to review what you've learned for past months. I wonder how many of
you have invested time during the holiday to prepare this exam, or
even better had the chance to travel to Chinese speaking countries in the
world to truly apply what you have learned in our school. This exam is
only for teacher and school to evalute your progress, teachers will definetly
help you doing well, no worry. 

At the last Sunday of 2019, school will hold our annual Academic Contest.
I believe you've completed your registration. If not, please ask your class
rep to help you ASAP. The Academic Contest includes fun events like Western
Painting, Chinese Penmanship and Caligraphy. There are more like read-aloud,
PinYin and Speech contest, etc. And most important, every participant get an
award ! I wish all of you enjoy and be a winner in the Academic Contest.


Principal Danny

Message from Principal 12/21/2018

This Friday is the 15th week as well as last class week of 2018. For the coming holidays, I wish every family member of Silicon Valley Chinese School has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Message from Principal 9/21/2018

There are two important traditional Chinese holidays next week - 9/24 Moon Festival and 9/28 Confucius Memorial, also known as Chinese Teacher's Day.
Moon Festival is a traditional Chinese Holiday in middle of Autumn, also called Mid-Autumn Festival. It's on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month every year and it's a day for family reunion in the full moon. There are many customs as in Chinese tradition and literature such as eating mooncakes, making coloring lantern, etc. If you're leaning about the Moon Festival in this Friday's lesson, don't forget to ask your teacher the romantic story behind the holiday !
In a week will be the 2568th birthday of Confucius. A Confucius Memorial Ceremony will be held this Sunday 9/23 10am in TECO 100 South Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035. Everyone is welcome to experiance the traditional ceremony to memorize the greatest teacher of Chinese hisotry.

Message from Principal 2018-08-31

Dear students and families of Silicon Valley School, welcome back! I hope all of you enjoy the summer. Now it's time for you to come back to our school continuing your Chinese language and culture learning.

This year our school welcome about 450 students in 8 CSL classes and 29 Heritage classes. Like before, we have all kinds of exciting activities scheduled ahead in our calendar. Please make sure you check out SVCS 2018-19 Calendar from our school website. One more important thing I'd like to remind students and parents is that Lynbrook High School has kicked off 2-year renovation plan during past summer. Campus route has changed and some of the construction areas have been fenced due to construction. Please do check out the new school map before you arriving.

I wish you all the best for the coming school year and look forward to seeing you all this Friday !

Principal's message 08-25-2017

Message from Principal – Alisa Hsiao
Dear SVCS Teachers, Parents and Students,
Welcome back to SVCS! Hope everyone had an enjoyable summer break. I am sure that you’re ready for the new 2017-18school year at SVCS on this coming Friday, August 25, 2017. 
I was honored to be appointed by the school board to be the SVCS Principal this year.This is my second year to serve as a principal. I’d like to thank all the board members for the opportunity.
With the existing success in many aspects of SVCS, I am sure the entire staff team will contribute their
best effort to make our school even better.
During the summer break, in addition to conducting several meetings with all our teachers,
class representatives, new parents, our staff and board members have been brainstorming together
to come up with various innovation plans for the new school year, such as,integrating volunteering entry and service point lookup system, digitizing all teaching and administrative documents, etc. 
We are very fortunate to have 43 experienced teachers this year, including three new teachers: Ms.Maggie Yen, Ms.Yu Huei Lin, and  Ms.Huei Fang Rei. Mrs. Welcome aboard!
Mrs.Amy Huang, Mrs.Yenli Yuan, and Mr.Wesley Chen will be SVCS Vice Principals.Welcome aboard!
 I am really appreciated for the amazing effort and time which our staff, board members, and teachers
have contributed in preparing for the new school year during the summer. On behalf of Silicon Valley Chinese School, I like to welcome all the
new students and their parents to our SVCS community. Thank you for choosing SVCS!

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2019 年北加州中文學校聯合會學術比賽得獎名單

國語演講 侯馨香第三名

國語即席演講 林子申第一名

國語即席演講 於道言第三名

國語朗讀A 劉蘭馨第二名

國語朗讀B 徐安麗第二名

國語朗讀C 鄒少典第一名

毛筆書法A 馬小龍佳作


鉛筆書法C 張廷愷第二名

鉛筆書法D 陳穎珊第一名

國畫A 胡竣傑第一名


漢語拼音B 呂讓遙第一名

漢語拼音CD 林芷葶第一名

注音拼音B 陳善佑第一名

注音拼音C 劉宇昂第一名

注音拼音D 劉怡均第三名

讀測驗D 王耀霆第一名

CFL-CSL D Ngo Emma 第二名

作文CD 楊捷名第三名