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Principal's message 08-25-2017

Message from Principal – Alisa Hsiao
Dear SVCS Teachers, Parents and Students,
Welcome back to SVCS! Hope everyone had an enjoyable summer break. I am sure that you’re ready for the new 2017-18school year at SVCS on this coming Friday, August 25, 2017. 
I was honored to be appointed by the school board to be the SVCS Principal this year.This is my second year to serve as a principal. I’d like to thank all the board members for the opportunity.
With the existing success in many aspects of SVCS, I am sure the entire staff team will contribute their
best effort to make our school even better.
During the summer break, in addition to conducting several meetings with all our teachers,
class representatives, new parents, our staff and board members have been brainstorming together
to come up with various innovation plans for the new school year, such as,integrating volunteering entry and service point lookup system, digitizing all teaching and administrative documents, etc. 
We are very fortunate to have 43 experienced teachers this year, including three new teachers: Ms.Maggie Yen, Ms.Yu Huei Lin, and  Ms.Huei Fang Rei. Mrs. Welcome aboard!
Mrs.Amy Huang, Mrs.Yenli Yuan, and Mr.Wesley Chen will be SVCS Vice Principals.Welcome aboard!
 I am really appreciated for the amazing effort and time which our staff, board members, and teachers
have contributed in preparing for the new school year during the summer. On behalf of Silicon Valley Chinese School, I like to welcome all the
new students and their parents to our SVCS community. Thank you for choosing SVCS!

Principal’s Message – Alisa Hsiao 03/10//2017

Principal's Message – Alisa Hsiao
Dear SVCS Teachers, Parents and Students,
As we approach the end of our current school year, a couple of events will be happening soon: returning
students’ registration and SVCS Board Election for the 2017-18 School Year.
We will start the process of returning students’ registration on March 17 and the deadline is April 7. SVCS
Registration Team will gather all Vice Class Representatives to deliver all the details. An important note is, for
returning students, the discount enrollment fee is only $20 if they finish the registration before the deadline.
Otherwise, they will need to pay the same amount of $40 as new student registration if they decide to register
We all know that SVCS, like the SVCS Board, is managed by a group of volunteer parents. More importantly,
each of the seven Board Members serves as the critical roles of supervisor, arbitrator, and innovator. I’d like to
encourage all the parents to participate the upcoming Board Election, not only to cast your vote in time, but also
to step up to be one of the candidates. If you’re interested, please stop by SVCS office for more details.
Thank you so much!

Principal’s Message – Alisa Hsiao 3/5/2017

Principal's Message – Alisa Hsiao
Dear SVCS Teachers, Parents and Students,
I hope you all had a very rich and nice break. During the break, many of our staff were working hard in preparation for our annual Chinese New Year Celebration, which will be this coming Sunday, March 5.Our students will put on lots of exciting shows and performance. Carnival booths will be set up at noon time for serving delicious foods. Most importantly, please bring in your raffle ticket to claim the prizes like  Amazon Dots , Garmin Vivofiit 3 Activity Tracker, Vera Bradley blankets ,etc.
Per our tradition, we will have some of our students selected to be the hosts/hostesses for our show on Sunday. Ms. Julie Lee has spent lots of time working with them on preparing their skits/scripts. I’d like to express my deepest appreciation to Ms. Lee for being such a great coach. In addition, Karl Tang, the head of Activity Team, his team members and lots help from our board members have contributed tremendous effort in planning the great event.My appreciation is beyond description and extremely grateful to have them in our staff team!
Thank you so much.


Principal’s Message – Alisa Hsiao 02/10/2017

Principal’s Message- Alisa Hsiao

Dear SVCS Teachers, Parents and Students,

The 2016-17 SVCS Academic Contest took place on last Friday was a tremendous success. I’d like to attribute the success to the Academic Contest team and the team lead, Claire Cheng. They contributed significant time and effort to ensure the event would run smoothly as they planned out.
In addition, your participation is greatly appreciated in making it a remarkable activity as always!

Congratulations to all the winners in various categories/groups(winner list). The first place winner of each group will be invited to represent SVCS to compete in the ANCCS’s  Academic Contest on March 26.

As a reminder, please fill out the parent survey at your earliest convenience. From the experience in the past, the feedback and opinions provided by parents were very inspiring. And all the teachers and staff can learn from them, students can also be benefitted eventually.

Thank you so much!

Principal’s Message – Alisa Hsiao 02/05/2017

Principal’s Message-Alisa Hsiao
Dear SVCS Teachers, Parents and Students,
The 2016-2017 SVCS Academic Contest will take place on this Sunday (February 5). If you enrolled in the event, you should have received an admission ticket regardless the number of categories you will compete in. Otherwise, please stop by the office to receive your ticket. The top performers in each category will proudly represent SVCS  to compete in the ANCCS’s Academic Contest in April.
In addition, please mark down your calendar on March 5 for SVCS’s Chinese New Year Festival. Many classes will put together their own performances to celebrate the Year of Rooster in the morning and set up carnival booths to serve delicious food at rally court at noon time. I’d like to encourage you and your families to join us. More importantly, don’t forget your raffle ticket(s) because we will have some amazing top prizes that can be won during the raffle.
Please help us by providing your feedback, observations, constructive suggestions and thoughts. Like I have stressed last Friday, the survey is one of our most important communication channels among teachers, parents and school administration. The results of the survey will be thoroughly addressed and shared with all the teachers in the upcoming teacher meeting in March.
Thank you so much.

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2017 ANCCS Chinese Composition Winner

3rd place: CarlyChang

4th place: Katherine Wu

2017 ANCCS Chinese idiom Contest

2nd place: Eric Hu, Julien Meier

4th  place:Carly Chang, Tiffany Chen

Beginner Group

1st place: Caden Tan, Jonathan Yu

2017 ANCCS Honorable Teacher Award

Ms. I-Hsin Chang
Ms. Yunchin Chueh
Ms. Lifen Chern
Mr. Vincent Cheng