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Registration and Replacement Test

Parent can submit online application or stop by the office to fill out an application form. All 1st grade and up new students must attend a placement test.

1. New student for CSL, Pre-school, and Kindergarten classes

● We accept application throughout the school year. Parent can submit online application and follow the instructions to complete registration.

● Parent can stop by the office to fill out an application form and pay to complete registration.

2. New student for 1st through 12th grade classes during open enrollment period

● Parent can submit online application or stop by the office to fill out an application form. Student must attend a placement test. Upon passing the test, parent can pay to complete registration.

3. Returning student who wishes to skip to a higher grade class

● Parent must first completes registration during returning student open enrollment period. Parent then submit an online skip grade application. Student must attend a placement test for each skip grades.

Placement test information (For details, please see 2018-2018 Placement Test Information Sheet)

 Test date and location:

  • June 3, 2018 (Sunday)

    Location: Calabazas Branch Library -  1230 South Blaney        Ave. San Jose, Ca 95129

    9:00-11:30 AM  (CSL and Mandarin Grade 1 -- 12)

  • August 18, 2018 (Saturday)

        Location: 1243 San Tomas Aquino Rd, San Jose, CA 95117

        Time:  09:00am-10:00am (CSL Classes,Grade 1-12)
                    10:00am-12:00pm (AP class)





The test covers:

  1. Entering 1st grade: Listening and writing of ZuYin
  2. Entering 2nd through 12th grade: Reading comprehension and MZ Chinese phrase list. For example: A student who intends to enter 2nd grade should study the phrase list for 1st grade; A student who plans to enter 3rd grade should study the phrase list for 2nd grade.
  3. Entering 11th and 12th grade: Reading comprehension, listening and writing of PinYin, essay response and translation (Chinese to English and English to Chinese).

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2017 ANCCS Chinese Composition Winner

3rd place: CarlyChang

4th place: Katherine Wu

2017 ANCCS Chinese idiom Contest

2nd place: Eric Hu, Julien Meier

4th  place:Carly Chang, Tiffany Chen

Beginner Group

1st place: Caden Tan, Jonathan Yu

2017 ANCCS Honorable Teacher Award

Ms. I-Hsin Chang
Ms. Yunchin Chueh
Ms. Lifen Chern
Mr. Vincent Cheng