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Activity Team 02/08/2019

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 Activity Team's News 02/08/2019

SVCS 2019 Chinese New Year Event

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of Pig !

It's SVCS tradition to celebrate Chinese New Year with our students. This year due to campus construction also considering weather conditions, school will decorate and set up Chinese New Year themed booths, including Writing Spring Couplet, Chinese Origami, Chinese Riddles, making Red Envelopes and the Legend of Chinese New Year, in several classrooms for students to visit.

School will provide guidance and funds for classes to sponsor the themed booths (currently planned in room 510,511,609,615 and 701). Visting classes (your class can be both sponsor and visitor) should sign up in one of the visiting schudule (7-8p, 8-9p) and teachers or room parents lead the class to visit these rooms for about 20 minutes each.

Class reps and/or vice reps please join the prep meeting this Friday (2/8) 7:15p in room 511; and make sure you sign up your classes' visiting schedule before Feb.20.

Sign up URL - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a49vJFH_Z94akbsSmGmfcg_eqI0U3e8SJk-FGXbl934/edit#gid=585455271


Activity Team 20170303

3/5/2017 Chinese New Year is celebrated in SVCS , including Chinese New Year performances, variety new year gifts from raffle drawing and the carnival celebrates the passing of the old year and welcomes the new-year with and exciting and hopeful attitude. The performance will be held by little hosts and 14 performances from classes celebrating Chinese New Year in Lynbrook Auditorium at 9:00 am to 12:00 pm , After performance at 12:00 pm that everyone will be gathering in school enjoy carnival and delicious food, School and Parents are sponsoring food on Samosas, Cotton Candy, Taiwanese sausage, BaoBing, Boba tea, Bah tzang, "Three sisters" food, etc.   Each section of food having a symbolic significance.  Everyone welcome to Chinese New Year Festival 2017!!!
Google link is indicated schedules of performance, raffles for gifts and carnival.


Activity Team's News 10/21/2016

Halloween Parade is coming...

Halloween Parade will take place on October 28th. Activity Group has set up the sign up form in Google Doc and sent to all class reps. already, please encourage participation and update the form accordingly at earliest convenience. Activity Group will need to finalize number of participants and organize parade route in preparation ahead of time. Please contact Activity Group with questions. Phone: (408) 649-4216 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Activity Team's News 12/11/2015

We will have "Santa Claus is Here" event on this Friday night. Santa will be visiting each participating class to give students gifts. Each class will prepare gifts. Please reference the two Santas' flight plan map. They will stop by the participating class around 5-10 minutes.

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2017 ANCCS Chinese Composition Winner

3rd place: CarlyChang

4th place: Katherine Wu

2017 ANCCS Chinese idiom Contest

2nd place: Eric Hu, Julien Meier

4th  place:Carly Chang, Tiffany Chen

Beginner Group

1st place: Caden Tan, Jonathan Yu

2017 ANCCS Honorable Teacher Award

Ms. I-Hsin Chang
Ms. Yunchin Chueh
Ms. Lifen Chern
Mr. Vincent Cheng