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News & Announcements

         SVCS Board has approved a tuition increase of $20 starting from the

         2016-17 school year. Please see the details in the table blow:



Registration Fee



Heritage returning student




Heritage new student




CSL returning student




CSL new student





         * The $50 difference of tuition between Heritage and CSL programs is

           due to the higher cost of the textbook and the online program

           subscription for the CSL program.  

  1.      2016-2017 School year starts on 8/26/2016 7:00-9:00pm
  2.      SVCS 2016-17 school year open enrollment for new students starts now. Please share the news with your friends.
  3.      Please follow the designated traffic flow and slow down while driving in/out of parking lots.
  4.      Please look up your service point balance by clicking "Service Point Report", should there be any discrepancies, please stop by the office or send us an email to verify. 
  5.       You may browse and download 2016-17 School Year Calendar.

     Up-coming Events

  • 08/26/2016:  2016-17 School Year Starts; Cultural classe registration starts
  • 09/02/2016:  Teacher-Parents meeting
  • 09/09/2016:  Cultural classes start
  • 10/07/2016:  No school

 SVCS Newsletter Highlights

  •      Please do not park along the red-painted curbs (fire lanes), in the "No Parking" areas and in the middle of drive ways. Reduce speed in parking lot. Thank you all for your cooperation!
  •      The following parents have signed up campus patrol service (05/27/2016): 
  •      Mishua  (CSL 2-2)
  •      梁 玉   (2-1)
  •      Neelima (5-2)
  •      Stephanie  (8-2)
  •      楊淑玲 (9-1)
  •      李彦瑩  (7-3)
  •      莊舒晴 (1-2)
  •      呂亭儀 (1-1)


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2016 ANCCS Chinese Idiom Contest

2nd place

Julien Meier

Eric Hu

3rd place

Jeremy Wang

Ivan Lin


2015 ANCCS Honorable Teacher Reward

Ms. Tina Shao

Ms. Man-Ling Hshieh

Ms. Grace Wang

Ms. Jiin Hwa Shiau

Ms. Liyi Huang

Ms. Mei-Ling Su


2015 Overseas Chinese Outstanding Teacher Award

30 years service

Ms. Pi-Yu Judy Chang

Ms. Miyabi Chen