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    • OCAC honors Ms.Grace Yeh(AP class) for her excellence in teaching for 20 years. 

    • ANCCS honor seven of SVCS teachers for their oustanding contributions:

Ms.Unia Kubota(CSL6-1), Ms. Belinda Lo(P-1), Ms. Hui-Yu Lin(4-2), Ms. Hsiang-Chun Liu(K-1), Ms. Chiao-Hua Fu(5-1), Ms. Keko Saito(CSL5-1), Ms. Serene Liao(P-2).

    • SVCS 2016-17 school year open enrollment for new students starts now. Please share the news with your friends.
    • You may browse and download 2016-17 School Year Calendar.

Up-coming Events

    •  2016-2017 Academic Contest
       Registration Period: 11/18/2016 - 12/16/2016
       Please check with Class Vice Representative for registration details
              Academic Contest Information
    • 12/9 SATII Chinese Test Mock Exam Enrollment starts
    • 12/16 “Santa is here” event (date changed)

SVCS Newsletter Highlights

    • Please do not park along the red-painted curb(fire lane), in the "No Parking" areas, or in the middle of drive ways. Always follow the traffic signs, and reduce speed in the parking lot. Ileagal parking will be towed and owner's expense. Thank you all for your cooperation.
    • Online sign up for the culture classes: Children Culture Classes Sign up Form | Adult Culture Classes Sign up Form
    • Parent Service Point Edit & Request, please click here.
    • To lookup the Parent Service Point Record, please clickhere.
    • Weekly Campus Patrol Service Reminder (2016-12-09)
      The following parents have signed up campus patrol service:
      Neena(CSL 2-1) Buvanesh(CSL 2-1) Sohee(CSL 2-1) Huizhen(1-3) Lisa(5-1) Thinley(1-2) 劉佼儒(7-2) 李佩怡(10-1)   
      We would appreciate it if you can sign in before 7:00pm at SVCS office and help us ensure the safety of our campus.
      If you could not show up before 7:20pm, we would have to invite parent(s) in the waiting list to fill in. 


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2016 ANCCS Chinese Idiom Contest

2nd place

Julien Meier

Eric Hu

3rd place

Jeremy Wang

Ivan Lin


2016 OCAC Honorable Teacher Award

Ms. Grace Yeh


2016 ANCCS Honorable Teacher Award

Ms. Belinda Lo
Ms. Hui-Yu Lin
Ms. Hsiang-Chun Liu
Ms. Chiao-Hua Fu
Ms. Keiko Saito
Ms. Serene Liao
Ms. Kubota Uina