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  • SVCS now accept enrollment all year round, please see SVCS homepage for admission.
  • 2017-18 School Calendar.
  • Requirements for graduating have been revised. These requirements will be applicable in 2018.Please check here for the details. 
  • SVCS has year-round enrollment for classes (CSL, P through to 12th), the 2017-18 school year is now accepting new enrollment, please recommend us to friends and family. New student/parent can submit an online application. The new student must attend a placement test. Upon passing the test, parents can pay to complete registration. Admission based on available classroom capacity.
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  • Please do not park along the red-painted curb(fire lane), in the "No Parking" areas, or in the middle of driveways. Always follow the traffic signs, and reduce speed in the parking lot. Illegal parking will be towed and owner's expense. 

    Weekly Campus Patrol Service Reminder (2017-10-20)
    The following parents have signed up campus patrol service:
    • Sandra(CSL 6-1) Monica Quon(CSL 4-1) Emily(1-2) 阮怡菁(K-1) 劉瓊云(7-2) 梁素華(9-2) 黃
    慕容(2-3) 尹立真(7-1)
    We would appreciate it if you can sign in before 7:00 pm at SVCS office and help us ensure the
    safety of our campus.
    If you could not show up before 7:20 pm, we would have to invite parent(s) on the waiting list to
    fill in.
    Next School Day Campus Patrol Service Reminder (2017-10-27)
    The following parents have signed up campus patrol service:
    • 吳育盈(9-1) Sonia(CSL 6-1) Sanjeev(CSL 6-1) Joyce(5-2) 張思嘉(8-1) 阮怡菁(K-1) 林秀后(3-1)
    If you are unable to fulfill the service, please notify us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at your earliest
    convenience. Thank you so much.

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2017 ANCCS Chinese Composition Winner

3rd place: CarlyChang

4th place: Katherine Wu

2017 ANCCS Chinese idiom Contest

2nd place: Eric Hu, Julien Meier

4th  place:Carly Chang, Tiffany Chen

Beginner Group

1st place: Caden Tan, Jonathan Yu

2017 ANCCS Honorable Teacher Award

Ms. I-Hsin Chang
Ms. Yunchin Chueh
Ms. Lifen Chern
Mr. Vincent Cheng